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Commission To Prevent Violence Against Women

The Governor's Commission to Prevent Violence Against Women is tasked with developing legislative and policy recommendations with regard to preventing violence against women, as well as expanding on successful prevention initiatives and coordinating and expanding services for victims of domestic and sexual violence. The Commission seeks to unite and enhance statewide efforts to prevent and end domestic and sexual violence. Members of the Commission represent a wide variety of disciplines, regions and cultural perspectives. Commissioners advise the Commission Chair and staff on critical issues across the state and apply their particular expertise to the issues at hand.

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Outreach and Awareness Committee

Increase awareness about sexual and domestic violence throughout Arizona.

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Victim Services Committee

Develop and/or improve statewide polices for providing trauma informed, victim-centered services in cases of sexual and domestic violence.

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Prevention and Training Committee

Increase availability of training and prevention programing in order to improve the response to sexual and domestic violence. 

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Arizona Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Task Force

The Arizona Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Task Force is a coalition of victim advocates, law enforcement officials and policy makers tasked with addressing the injustice of untested rape kits throughout Arizona.  The Task Force is tasked with:  providing legislative recommendations to ensure every kit is tested in a timely manner; developing a statewide standard process for testing protocols of the kits; developing a statewide tracking system for the kits; and development of a public education plan to assist sexual assault victims.